These are some of the projects that are currently active:

  1. Box Hill to Ringwood Shared Path
  2. Healesville Freeway Reserve
  3. Heatherdale to Syndal Pipe Reserve
  4. Strategic Cycling Corridors
  5. Burwood Highway arterial cycling route
  6. Eastern Regional Trails Strategy
  7. Whitehorse Council Easy Rides project
  8. North-East Link
  9. Ringwood to Croydon Shared Path proposal
  10. Hawthorn to Box Hill SUP
  11. Box Hill Integrated Transport Strategy
  12. Bikes on Regional and Country Trains

We also have a ‘wish list’ of projects in the Whitehorse council area that we submit to council at budget time and when appropriate. The list includes the responses that Whitehorse council has made.

See our current wish list.

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