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Welcome to the Metro East Bicycle User Group Inc – MeBUG. We are a group of cyclists who are keen to see the development and improvement of cycle paths on and off road as well as other infrastructure and programs to support and encourage cycling.

Our focus is in the ‘middle distance’ suburbs to Melbourne’s East where there are not already active  Bicycle User Groups or BUGs.  Our current activities are generally in the municipalities of Whitehorse, Monash and Knox, though we are interested to pursue projects elsewhere if we feel we can make a contribution.

We recognise that there is more need for community facilities than government funds can support and so it is important for the voice of cyclists to be heard along with other community groups.

We are keen to expand our work and welcome enquiries (and potentially new members) from cyclists interested in working toward advancing cycling as a recreational and transport activity.

Council elections October 2020

MeBUG has asked all candidates for their views on cycling.

See their responses