Ringwood to Croydon path

Update July 2020

Maroondah City Council has obtained TAC Local Government Grant funding to prepare a concept design for a Shared Use Path linking Ringwood and Croydon. O’Brien Traffic has been engaged by Maroondah City Council to prepare the concept design. 


VicRoads is well advanced with the construction of a shared user path from Croydon to Lilydale as part of an overall plan to link Carrum to Warburton with shared paths, making use of the existing Dandenong Creek and Tarralla paths. However, there is a need for a connection between Ringwood and Croydon so that the Box Hill to Ringwood Shared User Path, can be linked to this network.

We have developed a proposal for this missing link to construct a Ringwood to Croydon Shared Path. Over the coming months, we will be promoting this project with state government politicians, and Maroondah Council.

Download a copy of our proposal (2.4 MB)

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