Healesville Freeway Reserve…and more

MeBUG president David Simm, attended the tree planting on the HFR reserve on Saturday 15 July, arranged by the Friends of the Healesville Freeway Reserve. Plants were provided by LXRA as an offset for the trees lost as part of the  the Blackburn Crossing Removal. The location is on the left between the Davy Lane car park and the horticulture centre so should not impede the subsequent plans for the bike path.

Also present was an LXRA communication  person who was made aware of our case for the Elgar Rd bridge and acquainted with the Cochrane St bridge as the sort of crossing we would like. 

David subsequently spoke with Cr Munro about the Pipe Track and Council’s need for a plan B to spend the previously allocated money on. David suggested the path along Mahoneys Road . He seemed quite interested but suggested we write to Mayor Bill Bennett, as it was in his ward.

MeBUG President David Simm at the HFR planting day, 15 December 2018

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