Strategic Cycling Corridors

September 2022 Update

MeBUG met with staff of DOT and Shaun Leane’s staff to receive an update on various cycling projects, mainly the Syndal to Heatherdale Pipe Track.

See MeBUG’s briefing note on some relevant projects.

2020 Update

The Department of Transport has updated its Strategic Cycling Corridors (SSC) plan.

Download the DoT SCC overview document.

September 2017

VicRoads announced its Strategic Cycling Corridors project as part of the state government $100M Safer Cyclists and Pedestrian Fund.

MeBUG has been activlly engaged in this initiative, keeping in touch with Monash and Whitehorse Councils as well as VicRoads.

View our submission to VicRoads on this project.

MeBUG member David Blom reports (December 2018)…

The location of the strategic cycling corridors data is available via VicRoads:

Found at this page:

I then merged it with the Australian cycling infrastructure map by John Parker:

The end result is the attached map. The green are the existing off-road trails, blue are on-road lanes and red are the proposed corridors.
I believe that the most strategically locations to get work done (as not everywhere that is ear-marked for improvements will get improvements) are (not in any order):

  1. Hawthorn to Box Hill
  2. Dorking Rd
  3. Middleborough Rd (connect BHRSUP to Gardiners Creek Trail)
  4. Syndal to Heatherdale Pipeline
  5. Glen Waverley Rail Trail (around Jordanville)
  6. Healesville Freeway -> Eley Rd
  7. Burwood Highway
  8. East Ringwood to Croydon

The end result of these links will be the start of a very well connected network of trails where getting somewhere primarily on an off-road trail is a direct, feasible and safe option.

Strategic Cycling Corridors merged with other cycling infrastructure
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