Burwood Highway arterial cycling route

Update April 2022

Local politicians have been approach to get a trail built along the Burwood Hwy corridor.

Stage 1 involves placing a trail along Burwood Hwy using either the Service Lanes or the land island between the main hwy and the service road to connect the Syndal to Heatherdale Pipeline trail. This 3.5 km connection will allow cyclists to ride from Knox city to the Melbourne CBD on a 32km path entirely on a dedicated safe facility on the route highlighted.

Stage 2 of this project involves a connection from the Pipeline Trail to the Gardiners Creek Trail near Deakin University. This connection would link the existing trails through Holland Gully, the new Brickworks estate and the Eley Rd Reserve trail.

Update October 2021

The project has at last been completed and is now open. It comprises 800m of new 3m wide concrete path and a 45m bridge across Dandenong Creek.

Update January 2021

VicRoads has advised work will begin shortly to construct the path and bridge over Dandenong Creek. Completion is expected in the second half of 2021.

See VicRoads project flyer

An arterial cycling route along Burwood Highway from Deakin University to Knox City has been pursued by MeBUG advocates since 2013. This route would be achieved largely by using existing service lanes on Burwood Highway, with ‘cut throughs’ added so as to allow cyclists to avoid using the main traffic lanes.

In August 2019. MeBUG advocated that the planned path be extended westwards by 420 metres to connect with the service lane in Burwood Highway. The state government declined to provide further funding for the extension. We also requested Whitehorse Council to fund the extension, working with the state government to take advantage of design and tendering actions fro the main project. They too, declined.

Bwd Hwy 1
Proposed extension of planned path linking Eastlink trail with Dandenong Creek trail
Bwd Hwy
Close up of requested additional path

Burwood Highway Petition

One important aspect is to provide the ‘missing link’, a section of off-road path along the South side of Burwood Highway Vermont South, connecting the Eastlink Trail with the Dandenong Creek Trail at Morack Road.

We are delighted to learn that our campaigning efforts and our petition have paid off. The government has announced $4M funding in the 2018-19 state budget to implement this link, including a separate bridge across Dandenong Creek.

See Press Release by Shaun Leane MP for more details.

For more details, see:

Petition update

We have gathered over 460 signatures on our petition as of 19th April. These were handed to Shaun Leane MP (Eastern Metro Region) on site in Vermont South on 19th April.

Shaun Leane MP accepte MeBUG petition. L-R Emily Hopper, elaine Hopper, Shaun Leane, Michael Hassett, David Blom.
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