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Cootamundra Ward

Andrew Munroe

No Statement provided

Eley Ward

Trudy Skilbeck

I am standing in Eley Ward; my first time running for any public office.  I really appreciate you reaching out to me and helping me to hear what you will be looking for in Councillor candidates.

I have just completed a comprehensive WATAG survey. I hope that reference to that group’s analysis of candidate responses will assist your consideration. I say that conscious that some of my responses will not please WATAG members or MeBUG members. In my formal candidacy material, I don’t refer to active transport infrastructure/other support or specifically cycling infrastructure/other support.

That doesn’t mean I’m not interested, and would not be an advocate/influencer for your objectives.  I’m an avid walker and my husband a serious cyclist on a daily basis.

My platform is that I’m about best COVID responses first, and social inclusion generally; that takes many forms in community development terms and requires investment choices. I deeply appreciate the inclusiveness of your stance to benefit all ages and all abilities. That creates more alignment between us than might be obvious just yet.

I can’t say that I will prioritise cycling above all else. I can say that I will always listen and expect to learn from perspectives different to mine. I can say that I will interrogate Council officers over all infrastructure development and all budget considerations.

Thanks again for reaching out, and I offer continued appreciation regardless of whether or not MeBUG members in Eley chose to vote for me.

Elgar Ward

Blair Barker

You will be pleased to know that everyone in our house owns a bike and cycles regularly.  We are more casual bike users and my kids are especially active.  We tend to stick more to cycle paths than on road cycling. I am a massive supporter of the Box Hill to Hawthorn path, and hope with the rail separations at Union and Mont Albert roads will be the opportunity we need to make this a reality.  This is very much a state government project as I understand the rail corridor is owned by Vic Track. I would be supportive of Council donating any land that we might own to make this a reality. I think the benefits of this path are misunderstood by the state government, many young people in our area attend schools or other education (inc my kids) in around Hawthorn and Kew, this would take significant pressure off our trams, trains and buses.

MeBug made a valued contribution to our integrated transport study which will committ Council over a number of years to improve cycling connections. I know a lot of people use smart phone technology “Strava” cycling routes that are proving popular, and this could be extended by a respected organisation like MeBug to develop easy strava rides that guide tourists and locals around places of interest in Whitehorse.

Kingsley Ward

Amanda McNeill 

Cycling is a great form of exercise for our community and  I do use the off road paths for both cycling and walking. It’s fantastic that cycling continues to grow expadentially  as a recreational and commuter form of transport.
I strongly agree that Council should be actively engaged in funding projects and measures that improve accessibility of safe cycling in the City of Whitehorse and throughout Melbournes Eastern corridor. This means linking up existing psths  as well as creating new off road cycle paths where it is feasibly  possible to do so  and active maintenance to improve safety for users of all abilities. 
I would support the Hawthorn to Box Hill  (H2BH ) cycle track feasibility study. This  trail would go through the new Kingsley Ward giving residents a good recreational or commuter riding option towards the city. 
Having places to safely store bikes at train stations is a good incentive as well to encourage the ride and commute in place of cars. 
Safe cycling and walking trails  are an integral part of enjoying our local community and why we choose to live in Whitehorse. 

Lake Ward

Denise Massoud

Since being on Council I have been advocating strongly for cycling infrastructure which has developed into “Shared Use Paths”. I have engaged with the cycling community and advocated for several concepts in Blackburn. 

This has included the completion of the section through Blackburn of the Box Hill to Ringwood cycling route. This is a good example of how routes need to be planned across local government boundaries and require collaboration with all stakeholders to get a good outcome. More recently the link through Laburnum Park was an important final piece of the project which needed to be resolved however there was disagreement between local stakeholders (cyclists and residents) and the state government. I encouraged an onsite meetings with community, Council officers and the state government project team to get some understanding of each of their different perspectives. I am a great believer in coming to the table and listening. The outcome was changes to design which better suit the community and now the final link in that chain is being done and completed. 

I believe Councils should collectively look at regional paths which provide linkages across their boundaries. This is the best outcome and does require collaboration. These ideas then need advocacy to the state government.

The pipe track needs to have the remaining sections completed and I will continue to advocate for this.

The impact of COVID-19 has seen increased usage of our paths and linear trails and these need to be enhanced and new connections identified so they support community needs as we recover from the pandemic impacts. I believe this will include greater need for safe paths for both family recreation and access to local shopping precincts. This is important in the recovery of businesses.

Active transport is being encouraged and we need the infrastructure to support its use. Requests for reduced speed controls around strip shopping areas have been discussed and I would support these where additional safety is needed for both cyclists and pedestrians engaging in active transport for their local shopping and recreation. Linked paths, with as much off-road as possible, over an extended distance is important for families and group activity.

I would strongly advocate to the state government for development of more networked shared use paths to encourage greater active transport participation. I do support investment to further develop our shared use paths and cycling infrastructure for the safety and health of all users.

Mahoneys Ward

Mark Lane
Cycling is something, I enjoy and my kids also hop on the bike numerous times a week.
When I was on council previously we had achieved agreement on the Healesville Freeway track, Box Hill Ringwood track and also the pipe track surfacing.
I fear the momentum dropped when I left council at the end of 2012.  The lack of action on items such as these form some of the reasons why I am standing for council again.  We deserve better than we have had and I have the experience to get these initiatives moving once more.
In short these paths will be high on my list of things to achieve ASAP on being elected.  In fact I was active in achieving government funding to build part of the track from Box Hill to Heatherdale.  I see some works on this have been completed, but some improvement still required.  I will be fighting for action on bike / shared use paths
Thank you again for your interest and email. 
We will achieve some great outcomes for the community.

Simpsons Ward

Prue Cutts

No Statement provided

Sparks Ward

Tina Liu
As you are aware, I represent an area that is undergoing rapid change and transport plays a huge role. As the Deputy Chair of the Eastern Transport Coalition and the Whitehorse Representative on the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action, I am a supporter of more (and better) active transport options – including improved cycling infrastructure/accessibility – for our community moving forward. 
I put forward the initiative for Council to review and update the Box Hill MAC Integrated Transport Study – which MeBUG was also a part of – where alternative modes of transport such as cycling and walking are emphasised. I foreshadow the forthcoming action plans will come to Council very soon – and this will look at further investment for active transport moving forward. I have been pushing for the accelerated construction of the Whitehorse Easy Rides Routes and based on community feedback, including MeBUG’s budget submission – also advocated for the path connectivity in Woodhouse Grove / Mitta St and further funding in the budget for cycling in the last budget, both which were successfully supported. 
I will continue to be an active transport advocate should I be successful at the upcoming election.

Terrara Ward

Raylene Carr
A sneak preview into my 300 word statement, I have said ‘I will continue to acknowledge and support the need for off-road shared pedestrian/bicycle paths’ Similar wording will appear on my flyers.

I have always been in favour of improving off-road shared paths. If re-elected, I will continue to support improving cycling infrastructure in Whitehorse. Needless to say, the impact of COVID will need to be a consideration in all decisions I make.  

Walker Ward

Ben Stennett

No statement provided

Wattle Ward

Andrew Davenport
After completing my Mayoral Year, I decided not to purchase a car and instead got an e-bike, which I have used for commuting for 2 years. Through that use I’ve recognised that Council can do more to support  active transport infrastructure, especially cycling infrastructure. If I’m re-elected, I’ll support additional funding for cycling. I have supported additional funding during this term of Council too

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